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Neighborhood history:

At the beginning of the 20th century, after the elimination of the large estate called Las Cañitas and other estates in the area, the land was parceled out and mono-blocks for the military were built.

The polo fields are from the beginning of the 20th century, the Sportiva were found there and then the Military Equestrian Field, from those dates date the current lands, included in Las Cañitas, of the Argentine Polo Field. Where the Military Tailor Shop and Clay’s stable are currently located, there used to be two soccer fields.

In the year 1937 the church “Santa Adela” began to be built, which was built in 2 years, that land also served as a soccer field and in some occasions it housed some circuses, as is the case of Sarrasani.

The streets were generally paved, although the streets Soldier of Independence and Arce Street were made of improved land at the height of the Equestrian Club. The sidewalk of the polo field was made of sand and that of the Hippodrome was made of bricks. There were two waterwheels on horseback, one was on Báez and Matienzo streets and the other on Migueletes street, where water was drawn for irrigation.

The neighborhood of Las Cañitas was always characterized by being very quiet, by the fact that it was cornered by diagonals (Luis María Campos) and by being attached to the Palermo Polo Club, this changed from the mid-1990s, years in which many restaurants, pubs and nightclubs began to settle.

Restaurants and nightclubs are currently located in the area, and in this “unofficial neighborhood” there is a great nightlife (the area being especially expensive) with very modern, high-standard buildings with their own security most of the time.

During the day the area is very quiet with little vehicle traffic due to the organization of the neighborhood streets. At night the neighborhood is transformed due to the number of pubs, restaurants and nightclubs that have been installed in recent years.

Points of interest:


Palermo has one of the most important commercial and gastronomic hubs in the city.


The mythical equestrian club of Buenos Aires, where you can carry out many activities corresponding to this sport.


One of the most important convention centers and venues in the country and Latin America.


In the neighborhood of Palermo you will find some of the most renowned places to have breakfast, lunch or dinner in the country.


Connectivity with the main means of transport that allow you to move around the city freely.


Surrounded by large squares and green spaces such as Parque Tres de Febrero, ideal to enjoy and disconnect.


Studio apartments

A building with 30 studio apartments and deluxe studio apartments for up to 3 people. Very spacious units with elegant decoration and excellent quality details.


Studio and 2 room apartments

A building with 30 apartments with studios and 2 rooms for up to 4 people.

Very spacious units elegantly decorated with Scandinavian touches and excellent quality details.


2 Room apartments

A building with 16 apartments with 2 rooms for up to 4 people.

It has very spacious and bright units, with elegant and contemporary decoration.


Studio and 2 room apartments

A building of 23 apartments with studio apartments and 2 rooms for up to 3 people.

Located in one of the most residential areas of the city, with easy access to the main health centers in the area and various points of interest.

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